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Matcha White Chocolate


How does it taste? Our crisp, spring Matcha white chocolate bar is packed with antioxidants + touts a sweet creamy flavor thanks to the white chocolate base. For more on the wellness 411 of eating and drinking matcha check this out. Like drinking a matcha latte in bar form. 

What pairs well with it?Enjoy with mint tea, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry, coconut ice cream, hot cocoa, or pound cake.

Ingredients Organic cocoa butter, organic matcha, organic buttermilk, organic raw fair trade cane sugar.

Allergens Contains milk. Vegetarian friendly, gluten free, & soy free. We do use tree nuts & gluten in the factory following all industry cleansing policies.

Maker processThis bar is part of a Spring collaboration collection with Avion Clothier + Simone White. Avion Clothier specializes in men's and women's luxury shirting designed by Katherine Tsina Bird, Artist Simone White is to thank for the lovely bar artwork. A white chocolate crafted by our 10 employee team lead by Nathan Miller & Chelsea Russo. Once the bars are molded, our team inspects each one for cosmetic beauty & uniform look. To finish of this item we wrap it in a handmade craft paper that's hand dyed, sun dried on screens, & sustainably produced. We hope that as you enjoy this bar - the feel, taste, & experience is a unique pleasure. 

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